Reiki For Money, Business And Career Growth

Reiki for moneyToday we are going to talk about money. Yes Money! In my upcoming videos I am talking about how we can use reiki for practical and materialistic situations of life. So, today we are talking about money. Yes, money is everything. This saying is not wrong in today’s materialistic world. Because if we talk about spiritual level also, our spiritual journey starts with root chakra.

Spirituality is not something that you leave everything and go to the jungle to chant mantras. That is not spirituality. Your spiritual journey also starts from root chakra and root chakra is related to your materialistic world. In which comes money, business,and more of your materialistic desires. So, there is nothing wrong in wishing for money.

If you tell a rickshaw driver that you should sit and meditate only, everything else will be automatically done. So no! To make the root chakra strong you have to work for your livelihood. So, the journey starts from root and then it uplifts to your mental peace.

Until you fulfill your materialistic desires you will not be peaceful. If you are not mentally peaceful then you can’t be fearless. If you are not fearless, you won’t be emotionally balanced. And until you balance yourself emotionally, your spiritual journey will not start. That’s why today i am talking about money.

There are many things for which we have to fulfill our desires and wishes. And we want to earn more. Everyone has this desire to earn more and more. As necessities for today’s are like that only, we want to have more than what we have now. If someone today is doing a job, the person desires for a better salary. If someone is a businessman then they want
to make good profits in their business.

So today we will talk about how reiki helps in fulfilling our basic needs. In reiki , when we do first level, from the
very first day the meditations we do , we automatically start to energize our root chakra.

When root chakra starts to balance then automatically our materialistic world starts to balance. With this in level two, we make a money box in which we write our wishes under a crystal.

We write our money goals i.e, i have achieved this much money in this much duration. Secondly, we make a money box in which whatever source the money is coming from, we take that money in our hands and give reiki to it, then put it inside the money box. The money box should be red from inside and should have a mirror also.

These are some techniques which we do with level two symbols

For situation reiki, there is one meditative technique DRL, divine reiki light. In which we do reiki with focus particularly on visualisation for your goal achievements.With this, whenever you give money to others or take money from others , your any payments are coming or going.

Then put money in your hand and use a symbol, just give reiki for ten to fifteen minutes and thanks that money. If the money would not be there, you didn’t fulfill wishes. And whenever payment or money comes to you so be thankful for that money. With this also your money multiplies.

One more thing, take a box and put a red colored mirror inside it and if you don’t know reiki then also you can put velvet cloth or paper inside it and one side it should have a mirror. And keep saving your money in that. And daily add some money to it. You can make this as a saving box. With this there are many other things which you will follow while learning reiki.

One more thing, which is very simple. For this you don’t need reiki, Grow a small plant. It’s flower should be of red color, red rose can also be used. Grow a very small plant.Those you know reiki, you can give to the plant using symbols and keep affirming, As this plant is growing day by day my income is also growing constantly.

Those you don’t know reiki and symbols.

They can give reiki to the plant without symbols also. And keep affirming, As this plant is growing day by day my income is also growing constantly. And please if you don’t know reiki you can use these general symbols or you can come to the centre to learn reiki. Those people who have major goals, like this should be mine yearly turnover.They can come to faith healers to make their request box in which we create energies and help in achieving their goals.

I hope this information will be helpful to you. That’s all for today. Till then and goodbye.

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