Increase Positive Energies with Reiki Energy Technique

Increase Positive Energies with Reiki Energy TechniqueLocal aura cleaning is about getting rid of negative energies from that particular painful area of the body or that imbalance chakra
of your body. For example, how we did solar chakra cleaning, we did in the local part of that healing.

Now, we will see how we can replace negative energies with the positive energies.
When we do cleansing, our negative energies get cleansed on many levels. Now how to place positive energies on that area.

Let’s talk about that technique.

So, the technique’s name is Pranic ball. A Pran energy or Pran shakti which already flows in our body, how we use it to combine that energy with our technique and after that we absorb that energy. Before practising pranic ball, first you need to rub your palms fifteen to twenty times with full energy. After doing this, you just press all your fingertips. Press the fingertips with some pressure.

With loose palms, move your hands five times forward and five times backward. After repeating five -five times. You can perform more also, but minimum five times and loose your palms completely you will shake like this (see the video). Approximately you shake for thirty, forty seconds.

After that place your palm eight to ten inches opposite to each other. You will touch the tip of your tongue to the pellet, press your hands like this, close your eyes. And keep observing.Your thoughts between the palms. You will feel both the palms. Feel this energy. Approximately ten to twelve deep breaths and you will be able to feel some magnetism between your palms.

Now open your eyes, you will feel that energy power. You will move your hands slightly one or half inch away like this.You will feel a magnetism between your palms i.e, the electromagnetic field between your hands. It will be a kind of ball of energy. That’s why we call it Pranic ball.

Now lift that pranic ball and wherever we did local aura cleaning, we will lift and place that pran energy there only. After placing close your eyes.Take three deep breaths. You will feel this energy power. After this, that energy power is absorbed in that part of your chakra in the body. Again if you see, then you can’t feel the same energy in your hands.

Last time we did aura for knees also. Now, let’s make another pranic and see how to place on the knees. At the local aura healing, Even if you did for hands, shoulders and the same where we did local aura cleaning, we place pranic balls there only. Again with full steps we will make a pranic ball. After making a ball you will absorb where you feel the painful area.

Now, if someone has a stomach ache, headache, pain in child’s ear, If you are emotionally feeling then on heart chakra , if you have fear or anxiety then you will do on solar, If memory and concentration then you will place on third eye.

If you want to improve the studies of your child then do daily aura cleaning, local aura cleaning, and place a pranic ball on temples
this and side by side make two pranic balls and place it. While doing this the negative energies of that particular place will get replaced by the positive energies.

That’s all for today. Goodbye.

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